Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to our previously scheduled programming

For a blog that is not a journal, this place has been awfully journal-ish recently and I am starting to feel self-conscious about it. It has, though, been a godsend and a wonderful place to communicate (oops, I pressed "post" here rather than "save" - and now for the end of the sentence) and I'm grateful for the technology, and for the community that it has made possible!

We'll be back with saints, cats, theology, politics, culture, and the occasional kvetching. Right now, lots of work at school and this coming up on Saturday. So I may or may not write much this week. Keep the comments coming, they are a comfort and I do read them eventually. Still no internet at home because there was so much to do at school that I hadn't a minute to phone the cable company, or the phone company for that matter.


Diane M. Roth said...

we have been glad to know how you are doing these last days.

Kitten said...

Jane, don't worry about the journalish aspect of your blog. It's what makes you human and only brings us closer together as a blogging community. Share what you feel comfortable with!

Ken said...

GAAAAAAH! Rules? We don' need no steekin' rules!! A blog is about what happens. It is ABOUT self-referentiality. Well, that's MY rule. You could have been killed if you'd been there. Or seriously hurt. The cat for sure would have had a huge problem.