Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

I'm standing inside the bedroom here. That's the sky you see. The grey dusty debris was waist-deep before the disaster recovery people came. It also had tree branches in it. My buddy Noel from church took the photo the morning of the move, Sunday.

But that was only one room and the rest of the house was fine, though the night the great tree fell (two and a half feet in diameter, that tree trunk!) we cleared every last thing out of the two adjoining rooms right away because of concern that the roof and ceiling would collapse there too. As it turns out, they did not.

The t-shirt, as FranIAm has noted, says "There are two means of refuge in the world: music and cats." (Albert Schweitzer.)

With apologies to dog people, who know that dogs are equally a means of refuge (or more, I know, I know, but I am a cat person).

The tree, by the way, did not fall because of lightning or a big storm. Apparently what happened is that at the end of two days of steady but sometimes soft rain following a period of drought, the nearby pond and a little gully or ravine overflowed and loosened the soil around this big live tree, and boom, onto the house (and onto another half a tree which also went whomp on the house) it went.

P.S. Spoke with Mimi in Louisiana last night. They lost water. Not fun. Compared to what Mimi and her family and so many neighbors have had with displacement and loss of power and now water (at the place to which they relocated, not their original home!), I have just been on a picnic.


pj said...

Wow! If it's any consolation, you look great.

I'm so glad you two are okay. :)

Fran said...


Jane that is something.

You are such a trooper, I can't say that enough.

Glad all is well and you know, this is your blog, your life - so it is time for this type of thing right now.

You got Mimi, I kept getting fast busy. What an ordeal.

Kitten said...

Wow. I have nothing else to say than that.

Ken said...

Mademoiselle, God must love you a great, great deal. Having said so, you may herewith fall to your knees, while clutching the resident ordained cat, and offer prayers to your Maker and the Savior of not just us but particularly now your personal self. If Maya can't meow her own prayers, teach her the words. Or maybe she'll teach you how to speak Kitty. This is how we teach and learn from Bishops.

Diane M. Roth said...


so glad you are ok.

Padre Mickey said...

Good spot for a skylight.

Glad to see you're okay.

Anonymous said...

So very glad that happened while you were NOT home sleeping! OY!

(((((Jane & Maya))))))

lauraj said...

Yikes, jane. What a mess. Hang in there.