Saturday, September 27, 2008


I am missing the Obama/Biden rally in Greensboro even as I write because at the very time it is scheduled to start (two hours after the doors open and many more hours after folks started lining up) I have one of those can't skip command performance gotta be there the powers that be said so we scheduled it a month ago major diocese says jump meetings at high noon, and I can't wear my "Got Hope?" t-shirt to it either.

My friends will give me a full report, I hope.


Fran said...

Oh dear. I am sorry that you will miss this.

Several friends of mine who live in the Tampa FL area went to Obama's rally in Dunedin FL last week. I got GREAT reports.

pj said...

I hope your day was satisfactory, ma'am.

Algernon said...

I bet I know what you missed.
I bet you do, too.