Wednesday, September 24, 2008

+Maya's post-Lambeth nap

At last, we have had photos from Before The Tree Fell developed. Here, on a sunny August afternoon, is the Right Reverend and Right Honorable Maya Pavlova, F.B.E. Below her is a random selection of Anglican books. Note her deep state of slumber.

It's the long post-Lambeth nap.

+Maya has spoken.

Click photo to enlarge.


Unknown said...

(shhhh)... has +maya visited holy cross monastery? that's a fine place to catch up on sleep... those bells at 6:00am (who knew there was a 6 in the morning as well as at night?) can be a shock to delicate systems however. rest well, sister maya...

Caminante said...

Love the dangling paw. Hope she is finding new sunny places too.