Monday, September 22, 2008

Padre Mickey meet-up

I had a great dinner last night in Asheville, NC with the one and only Padre Mickey de Panamá. Yes, we have pictures, or rather he has, in his magic digital camera. Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito, the devoted and inseparable pair, sat with us (we on chairs, they on the table) and with their new conversation partner, whom I introduced to them and whom you will see when the photos go up. The waitstaffpersonwoman was very tolerant of our silliness and we gave her a big fat tip. We had excellent food, too. It involved several different kinds of chutney.

Send prayers to Padre Mickey, who is at one of those Episcopal clergy thangs (CREDO) for the week, and stay tuned for his return, when (we hope) photos will appear on El Padre's blog.

Special thanks to the blog friends who recently sent a lovely gift to the Jane Tree Disaster Recovery Fund. While I have used part of the gift for myself last week (a massage is a fine thing when you are achy and tired from moving and stressed out), it seemed appropriate to spend a chunk of it toward the Big Laughing Dinner With Mickey. Thank you! Bless your hearts. You contributed to laughter, merriment, and Sabbath time.


Fran said...

Shreik! Jealous but happy!!!

Oh I cannot wait to see los fotas!!

Caminante said...

So glad you got together... almost a year after I went to Panamá and had all of you jealous.

And I think massages are just right.

June Butler said...

Money well-spent, Jane. That doesn't mean I'm not green with envy of you and Caminante for knowing El Padre, el Grande in real, as well as virtual, life. I'm also jealous of El Padre for having met you and Caminante, and Fran for having met Caminante. Whew! That's my confession for the day.

I can't wait for the pics either.

johnieb said...

Yeah, but I've met Mimi herself, so I'm doing OK for now.

June Butler said...

Johnieb, your southern charm overwhelms me, love.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Yay for massages and meetings and laughing dinners!

Cannot WAIT to see the fotos!