Monday, September 8, 2008

Disaster and recovery update, +Maya edition (and a question about digital cameras)

Keep up the prayers, o canine, feline, and human friends and fans of +Maya. When I left the house early this morning, Her Grace was, for the first time of a morning since we moved, napping in the living room (such as it is - she was on top of a large unopened box) and opened her eyes to look at me but did not move, which is a very good sign. She has several times napped in the afternoon and stayed put, but in the morning she has tended to do a lot of bopping around. So we are making progress here and moving toward restoring the sacred rhythm of feline naps.

I have also increased the food dose slightly since Her Grace appears to be burning extra calories with all this leaping in and out of cupboards and on and off and into and out of boxes. She is a slender sort and I am not too worried that she will turn into a Fat Cat, on the contrary.

Special thanks to our brother bishop +Clumber for his encouragement and to Maggy and Gabby, Kitten's crew, for feline prayers, and to Ms. FranIAm for ongoing holy accompaniment.

As soon as I can find the camera in this mess, I will take photos and have them developed (onto a CD as usual) and post them.

Still no digital camera -- I really must invest in one next time I have a few bucks; any advice from all you fine digital photographers out there? I want something cheap but good. And I've never used a digital camera except once or twice when someone asked me to take a picture of them, so I know nothing about connecting it with blogging. I do have a lot of experience with regular cameras, though. Digital cameras are still a mystery to me. It looks like you don't even look through them the same way, so how do you focus on detail?


Jillian said...

Glad to hear things are on the path back to normalcy for you! I just got a new digital camera (cheap and easy) that I love. It's the Canon PowerShot SD870IS. I picked mine up at Amazon here

Anonymous said...

I second the recommendation of a Canon PowerShot. We have an 800IS. Very solid, fairly light, not too expensive, and plenty of features. We've had ours for about a year now and it seems like it will last a long while.

Unknown said...

Our thinner cat, "NP Complete" is a relatively recent addition to the family, and I've discovered that there's nothing better in calming her down than some nicely boiled chicken breast. She's happier than a clam after a few chunks of that! Not too much or we get to see small piles of her happiness, however, and she always chooses the best carpets in the place!

Kitten said...

I have a Kodak EasyShare that I got on sale at Target. It's the easiest camera I've ever used.

When you get it, make sure that you get a good memory card to go with it. Mine's 2 gigs, and cost me $20 (but should last the life of the camera).

Finally, if you want to give +Maya a treat, try organic pureed chicken or turkey baby food. My vet recommended it to my girls when they had upset tummies; it's supposed to be easier on their systems than regular cat food in such situations. I still give them each a jar on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and they eat right out of it!

susankay said...

So pleased to hear that her supreme self +Maya is deligating some of the worrying and, as a result, is relaxing. Those whose servants we are do feel so very responsible for all the world.

susankay said...

Never COULD spell (or type)

Ken said...

I have owned two Olympuses (Olympi?) and do most of my shooting now with a discontinued Fuji something-or-other. It's nice but unnecessarily complicated. I use digital but don't like it--it's the easy way out. The supremely great W. Eugene Smith used to teach a course at The New School called "Photography Made Difficult." He was right--it is. Richard Avedon, my other idol in the business, worked first with a 6x6 square Rolleiflex, then with 8x10" view cameras. Deliberation and malice aforethough:-): he was merciless. If I had the time and money for processing I would use my Rolleiflex again. And the two Nikons. At the end of the day, digital photography stands in relation to film photography the way prostitution does to love. You get what you came for but with no nuance.

None of which answers your question, I fear.

PseudoPiskie said...

As long as you get something with 7 or more megapixels, you'll be able to crop almost anything and get a good result. For a point and shoot person, a pocket sized digital is a mandatory accessory. If I don't have mine along I know something is missing. I've owned Olympus and currently have a Sony. Family has Canon. Get the best deal you can that will work with your computer.

Of course if you want something fancy, that's a different story. I just like to have the camera handy when the clouds or sunset or birds or cats are doing something interesting.

Hope you and +Maya are getting settled. Prayers for stability soon.