Friday, September 12, 2008


My friend Jan of Happening Here, progressive activist and socio-political analyst (yes, Jan, I am calling you that), has posted something to remind us to get off our duffs and DO SOMETHING.

Her post is called Less worrying -- more working.

Still not convinced? Have some poetry. More specifically, this poem by Marge Piercy, posted by La Literata, P.J., cultural commentator. (I'm giving my friends titles their fabulous selves deserve. It's my blog and I'll praise whomever I want to praise.)


Fran said...

I just got online to post something positive and came here first... VERY positive!

Cecilia said...

Dear friend,

Thanks for this... I for one needed it. I'm also catching up on lots of reading, including the story of THE TREE... so sorry for what you have been going through! You and the Rt. Rev. are in my prayers.

Pax, C.

Jane R said...

Cecilia, How lovely of you to visit! I haven't read you in too long but am starting to catch up and will stop by within the next few days. Blessings always, and thanks for the good thoughts... +Maya Pavlova says thank you also... (I am at the office but will tell her that her fans are checking in when I get home. She's a sociable sort and will be pleased.)