Monday, September 1, 2008

Disaster update: found new house, packed, moved, exhausted

The fabulous FranIAm, friend of the multitudes, has posted on the state of things.

I am just briefly online, having taught my morning class (BLEAH! work on Labor Day!? but I couldn't have the little darlings skip the Council of Nicea, it would mess up the rest of the course, and they are very nice students indeed) and canceled my office hours, and am headed home. To my new home. Still some things (disaster-contaminated) to go through at the old home, but that's not till tomorrow since the disaster recovery people (who don't work Labor Day Weekend) come back then.

The movers, however, worked all weekend, bless their hearts.

I am exhausted, my feet hurt (from standing and packing and ordering people around and/or answering questions), but things really are okay and as I have said before, the situation could have been much worse. Most of my stuff is fine since only one room was destroyed, and we were able to recover many clothes and my grandfather's dresser (they don't make 'em like that any more) and my guitar. The guitar case is kind of a mess, but it was strong and I think the instrument is okay.

+Maya Pavlova and I have had a couple of agitated nights with all this moving and staying in different places and last night, our first in the new place, was also restless even though I felt tired enough to sleep for two days. Her Grace the feline bishop had to explore every corner of the new house and jump on every box (of which the house is full) and I had aching feet. Finally +Maya discovered the perch I had made for her (pictures coming in the next few weeks) from a piece of furniture the landlady had in the house already and when I left she was seated there, looking out the window at a groundhog waddling across the grass.

Thinking of Mimi and other Gulf Coast friends as the storm approaches and lands.

THANKS to so many of you who have written and posted. Your thoughts and prayers are a great support.

And thanks again to the one and only Doxy for first posting the news.

More when I can. Still no internet at the new place since it's Labor Day. I am headed out of the office now and home to boxes. A friend is going to bring me lunch and help me do some unpacking in the afternoon.


susankay said...

Welcome home.

Fran said...

Great to see this post. Hang in there Jane- what an ordeal.

You know that we all love you and +Maya!!

janinsanfran said...

What an ordeal indeed. May your unexpected new house prove a warm home.

And I can't believe you have to teach on Labor Day!

Anonymous said...

(((((((Jane & +Maya)))))))))

Doorman-Priest said...

And I thought only Charlie Brown said BLEAH!

Kitten said...

Good to year that you and +Maya are safe, Jane. Thinking of you both as you settle into your new home.

it's margaret said...

welcome home m'dear. glad you are safe.

Paul said...

Love, love, and more love with prayers attached.

Shannon said...

You're on our prayer list at the prison, Jane. Time for the big guns when it comes to prayers!

pj said...

Blessings on your new home! (Have I been absorbed or what? Resistance is fyoo-tile.)

But seriously, may you and Maya get some deep, restful sleep tonight. :)

Unknown said...

glad to hear you've found a new home and are safe!