Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin, politics, the Episcopal Church, and the culture wars

I am having some thoughts about the connections among the above and at some point will write them down. I am more and more struck by what is best called a culture (or subculture) gap and some would call the culture wars and by the way it plays out both in the Episcopal Church and U.S. politics, in some of the same ways. Hearing Sarah Palin (bits - I was at work all evening yesterday till very late but listened to radio later and this a.m.) also reminded me, as does the larger religious and political scene, of a very helpful book that came out two decades ago, Abortion and the Politics of Motherhoodby Kristin Luker. It is as much about the cultures behind and around the abortion divide as about the divide and the subject itself. (The reviews on don't really note that.)

More when I can on this topic. Stay vigilant.

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Anonymous said...

The books sounds like an interesting one. There is a big divide and I think the demographics between the two sides is quite telling. As someone in Alaska said, pregnancy among teenagers is fairly common up there. I'll be interested to see how you think they all intertwine.