Monday, September 29, 2008

More meetups for Maya

+Maya Pavlova, F.B.E. had a meetup today with one of her favorite humans, blogger, Independent Catholic priest, and biz wiz Chris, who has mostly been too busy to blog these days. Chris speaks fluent cat and Miss Maya was very pleased with his visit. Thanks for stopping by, friend!


Fran said...

That +Maya, she must have enjoyed her visit.

BTW, your name came up during class tonight, I will have to call you to fill you in!

Jane R said...

She did. She's a big flirt!

Anonymous said...

It was great to catch up with you, Jane! And to flirt with Maya a little... I don't think my wife will mind too much. ;-)

I have been super-busy, but I couldn't contain my irritation about the credit crisis and ended up posting just now. So that's up! Hopefully I won't go another two-plus weeks without posting now that my grad school apps are coming to a close. :-)

Jane R said...

I just bopped over and read it as you were posting! Good thoughts and very helpful. Hard to make one's way through the muck these days, isn't it.

Remind me to introduce you via mail and eventually IRL to my old friend Mark who is an RC permanent deacon and former corporate guy now doing a Ph.D. in theology with a focus on theology and economics. He and his wife live a few states North of us. Good people.