Monday, September 8, 2008

A Louisiana storm and personal update from Grandmère Mimi

Grandmère Mimi of Wounded Bird is doing fine. I had a long-ish chat with her this evening (and a much shorter one yesterday) and she sends her thanks to everyone for the prayers and support.

Mimi and her family are still in New Roads but expect to return home to Thibodaux tomorrow, unless things change. It looks like Hurricane Ike is headed for Texas, not Louisiana, so the coast is clear, so to speak. There is power at Grandmère and Grandpère's home because they are on the local hospital grid, so it's safe to go back there. They will be quite busy once they get there though, getting food back in the house (the contents of fridge and freezer spoiled) and getting re-settled. Mimi is also not sure she will have any internet access since things are not back to normal. So please bear with her. She may need a blogging break even when she is back home and wired again.

Diana the dog has been sweet and well-behaved and is doing well.

There were also three basset hounds belonging to Mimi's son, but they have now left New Roads, with her son who recently headed back to his home, so there is a little less doggy-ness on the premises.

FEMA has been no help. The state government, amazingly, has been a little more helpful. But I will let Mimi elaborate on that when and if she so desires.

Mimi says "We're all fine!"

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Fran said...

So things have changed a bit since yesterday.

Our dear Mimi!

Another TEC blogger, Holyfoolishness, reached out to me so that we could set up a donation site for Louisiana families in need, through the disaster office of the TEC down there.

Details will be posted soon.

This is being done in Grandmere's honor.

Leigh from Holyfoolishness has truly done all the heavy lifting, me I just have a big mouth and wide reach!