Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deadline time again

I'm not asking for much: I would just like to have some period of time when I am not being evaluated by some person or committee and when I don't have a deadline to meet.

I guess that's called "vacation" or "retirement" but don't they make jobs (or vocations) without either of these, in which you can just do your work?

All right, that was the "dream on" section of the post.

Just a note to all y'all to let you know that posting will, once again, be scarce, because I have two deadlines to meet right now, immediately if not sooner: 1) the Dreaded Fourth Year Evaluation (not its official name) for which I have to finish up my long and specific self-evaluation document with responses to anonymous student comments from the college evaluation forms and 2) a proposal for an Interdisciplinary Studies upper-level course ("Religion, Ecofeminism, and Environmental Justice" - have taught it once before but not in that special category on an interdisciplinary capstone) that needs to go through a committee and which is not optional -- we really need one of those courses in our department and this requires writing a long proposal answering very specific questions about how the course meets pedagogical and academic requirements.

That's on top of the usual teaching and related activities.

And once again I am behind on the Episcopal Café writing, which is what I would really like to be working on all week, along with the first of the theology classes for the Deacon Formation Program, which I teach this coming Saturday. I did get the blog up for the latter (open only to class members and other authorized persons) and of course made a link there to the one and only Ormonde Plater, who teaches us so much about diaconal history and ministry. (Why do Roman Catholics spell it diaconal and Episcopalians spell it deaconal? I may be a seven-year-old Anglican, but I still spell it diaconal. Force of habit, and it doesn't look right to me the other way.)

So, I may or may not post this week, but check in once in a while, and meanwhile all y'all go wish some good health to JohnieB, who recently had a little hospital episode related to his kidneys, and to his feline companion, Miz Scarlett, who is even more skittish than usual. Both of them have a move in the offing and their abode is about to be topsy-turvy for a while. Caminante is also packing. Her feline friends are taking note. And +Maya Pavlova and I are still in boxes at the new place, speaking of topsy-turvy, though we have a functional kitchen and bedroom and she, the feline bishop, seems to be her old calm and calming self. Me, I am managing. Lord, have mercy. I'm taking 36 hours off this weekend after teaching the deacon candidates and am running for the hills, literally: off to the mountains on Saturday.

P.S. ¡ Si se puede !


pj said...

Ms. Redmont, I must tell you that management is finding your posts to be a bit lack-luster this quarter. Blogging Resources would therefore like to transition* you over to a non-posting position. But for all intensive† purposes, if I may take a different tact†, you should consider this a promotion.

Such as.

In what respect Charlie.

*Should not be a verb

†Errors to make one pull out one's ears

Jane R said...

Well, Charlie --or is your name still Hussein, Ms. PJ?-- I must tell you, Charlie, that two of my students recently used "for all intensive purposes" in writing assignments. I will now have to explain what an intent is and what a purpose is.

Charlie Hussein, you are absolutely right, or is that write? that my posting is lackluster and boring and getting repetitive as my teacher so often often says again and again. According to the Peter Principle, I must indeed need a promotion.

All I can say is it's a good thing I am not addicted to any substances (except for blogging) because I would not be in very good shape right now.

I must now go think about 17th and 18th century New England.

Not in respect to the Bush Doctrine, Charlie. Because you don't blink, you don't blink because you are so focused on the mission.

Caminante said...

"Why do Roman Catholics spell it diaconal and Episcopalians spell it deaconal? I may be a seven-year-old Anglican, but I still spell it diaconal."

AFAIK, we still spell it 'diaconal' and I go nuts when I see it with the 'e' because it isn't correct or, shall we say, true to its Greek root.

pj said...

You know I was just kidding about your posts being lack-luster, right?

Right Charlie? Right? (Winks, blows kiss, waves.)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the deadlines!

Jane R said...

PJ, of course -- I thought I made that clear with my Charlie and other comments, but since half my reply was serious, maybe it didn't show. Sorry if it didn't!

Running to class,

Fran said...

The post was great - the comments delightful.

What can I add?

BTW, ecofeminism works its way into my class Jane.

Prayers for you and Maya.

Check the mailbox this week my love.