Monday, September 22, 2008

Time for the prayer posse again, please

Dear folks who pray and others who hold people in their hearts for healing,

I ask your prayers for my friend Christy, who just wrote to say that she has ovarian cancer. As you know, this is one of the really tough ones. She has had one round of four chemotherapy sessions with very good results, has had surgery, and has a port installed which "shoots platinum-based chemo straight into [her] gut cavity." That process starts tomorrow.

Christy's beloved companion and husband David has had multiple myeloma (a cancer in which the plasma goes crazy) and all manner of related illness and his own rounds of chemo in the last couple of years. This has left his excellent brain with some damage and affected his life coping skills. Christy worries about him and prays that she will be well enough to be present to him as well as to herself.

So, do your thing, folks, and bring in your communities, and pray also that Christy keep her sense of trust in Godde and that she know our presence with her.

Thank you!

P.S. David and his men's prayer group were kind and generous with their prayers several years ago when my father had a triple bypass. We are all woven together in the one body of Christ.


Fran said...

Oh Jane - so many prayers for your friends.

And always for you as well - we are as one.

June Butler said...

Jane, I shall pray for these two beautiful people. What a heart-rending story.

Ken said...

No problem, no issue, don't need to ask twice. They've got 'em. People prayed for me and I pray for them. I like two way streets.

johnieb said...

Saddled up and ready to ride: prayers for Christy and David, and for the rest of you wonderful people, including those of the feline & canine variety.

it's margaret said...

I will pray Jane.

Anonymous said...

Prayers ascending for Christy and David.

pj said...

I will pray as well.