Sunday, September 7, 2008

Disaster (and recovery) update, weekend edition

Dear friends of Acts of Hope,

We are fine, just busy --and we have been away from the intertubes a lot. The conference on the racial history of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina yesterday went very well and well over 100 people attended, including all three of our bishops, all day. It was worth all the hard work. I will report on it in due time. I got home from there and went to bed at 8 p.m.!

Say a little prayer to Saint Laika for our feline bishop. She has lost some weight in the last ten days since the Great Tree Catastrophe (so have I, but I needed to and she didn't!) and still has a worried look in her eyes and has not yet fully relaxed. A friend and I unpacked some more stuff this afternoon and the shuffling of boxes had Her Grace scampering all over the place. Some of it was play, but some of it was fright. She is enjoying her window perch and she does sleep, but I am not sure she has been getting enough deep-sleep naps yet. Poor Maya Pavlova - moving is hard on cats. I think she'll be fine; she is eating and using the kitty litter and she knows I'm there, but this whole thing has been unsettling for her. Poor sweetie. She does purr now and again, so we're not talking state of shock here, but she's not quite back to normal.

For that matter, neither am I! But we're getting there, and a long night's sleep last night helped. The kitchen is almost unpacked and settled and there is less chaos in the living room.

Tonight it's time to read student work and prep for tomorrow morning's class. I am briefly at the office to use the high-speed connection and the college network. Back home soon with my feline friend and some student work to read. We did get our phone connection yesterday (land line - the cell has been a life saver between Tree-on-House-Day and the present) and can use dial-up for e-mail in a pinch, but I probably won't blog from home till high-speed is set up there. (Boy are we spoiled.)

Yes, there will be a Doxy and Jasper post, Part II. Patience.


Kitten said...

We here in CT are praying faithfully for our feline bishop.

Maggie and Gabby (via Kitten, our two-legged typist)

Fran said...

Sorry I did not reply to your email!!

Oh Jane, Oh Maya... ((((Jane and +Maya))) hugs and prayers for you guys.

This has been an ordeal for you all.

Glad the conference is behind you.

We will talk during the week!


Unknown said...

+maya, the times call out for leadership! Your naptime must not suffer. +I speak for +rowan and +airedale that your example of slumber is important for the Anglican Communion. If only more time was spent in somnolent bliss, how much better would we all be! Relax. dear sister Maya, relax.