Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Be prepared...

... be prepared, always, to be part of God's answer to your own prayers ...

That beautiful piece of wisdom is from MikeF at The Mercy Blog. It comes toward the end of his post for Blog Action Day, a bloggers' day on world poverty. FranIAm has also posted for this action.

I am a little low-energy today and looking at four (or is it five?) unfinished projects, none of them optional, so I am re-learning the lesson of the Body of Christ, and remembering to be grateful for my friends whose prayers carry me and who also act when I cannot.

As I write, I am especially grateful for Mike's wisdom.

By the way, Mike just made his Life Profession as a Third Order Franciscan. Read about the fine day at Hifield Friary here, and if you want to know more about what it means to be a Tertiary as opposed to a Brother, don't be afraid to ask Mike! P.S. Mike is also a grandfather and a cat person. +Maya wanted me to write that.

Art: "Communion of Saints," by Ira Thomas. Tip of the fedora to ConcordPastor. (Fran, note, I just found this via a Web search for art on the Communion of Saints!)


Fran said...

Thanks for the link Jane - I was posting the words of someone who gave them to me anonymously, they are most profound.

Mike F is one of my favorite bloggers and someone who I mostly connect through via my church blog. He is a regular commenter there and I comment at the Mercy blog from my other id.

The other day I was in the pastor's office (in fact right after I emailed you from my blackberry!) and we were looking at the church blog. The pastor looked at Mike's comment and said "Who is that guy? He comments a lot, I like him."

I have yet to tell Mike that one.

Fran said...

Tiny cute blogworld Jane... I just looked at the art and the credit!

I am also an avid Concord Pastor blogfan from my other id.

Mike Farley said...

Thanks, Jane... And Fran!

I'm really touched, you know, to hear such things from two of my own favourite bloggers - say Hi to your pastor for me, Fran!

That picture is just beautiful, Jane. Thank you for that!

Ftifa is sitting looking out of the study window as I type this - sends her respectful regards to +Maya! She's only 6 months old, and much the tiniest of the cats. I really must post some pictures of her and her sister Ruby... Ah, now Griffin, the giant British Blue from next door, has just dropped by. It's being a catty morning...

St Edwards Blog said...

I will tell Padre you say hello Mike!

He never quite knows what to make of this blogging business.