Friday, October 10, 2008

'nother JohnieB update

Whew, sorry, Friends of JB. I forgot to post a few days ago after speaking with JohnieB. I think it was Monday night. Or maybe it was Tuesday. I was sick Monday and then once I got better I barreled into the grading sprint (really wasn't a grading marathon since I had to do it FAST).

Anyway, Mr. JohnieB, he is fine. He has moved, he is healthy if a tiny bit frazzled, and he will get back on blog once he has a computer. He is trying to figure out what kind of computer to get. He doesn't want to or can't blog from the library. There's a lot to do when you move. There is also the matter of Miz Scarlett, the high-strung kitteh. JohnieB boarded her with the kitteh hotel so that the move wouldn't be too disruptive, and he got the new place settled before he brought La Scarlette back in, but she has been, let us say, leaving traces of her displeasure in places where she should not. I suggested a psych consult. (She was on Rescue Remedy for a while but I'm not sure whether she stayed on it. And she is, well, JohnieB didn't say this, I did, and to him directly, kind of neurotic, bless her heart.) So, last I heard, JohnieB was thinking of phoning the vet to discuss feline behavioral issues.

Stay tuned. I'll give JohnieB a buzz this weekend if I don't hear from him or if he doesn't show up on the blog.


it's margaret said...

Thank you JaneR for giving us news of JohnnieB.

JonnieB, if you are reading this, you continue in my prayers --especially with a mad cat on your hands!

Hope the computer shopping goes well.

Fran said...

I have been thinking of and praying for our friend and so glad to have this update.

pj said...

Thank you, Jane! I'm so glad to know Johnie's all right. I was worried about him. I hope Miz Scarlett gets settled soon, too. Mrow.