Thursday, October 2, 2008

Prayers for Godde's living creatures

I thank you in advance for your prayers and good thoughts for several living creatures:

-Grendel the dog, who is suddenly doing very poorly, and his human Aghaveah. Something is very wrong with Grendel's spine and it is progressing fast. Grendel and his related humans are in sadness and pain. See updates here (Aghaveah) and here (Grendel's own blog).

-My mother's cousin by marriage, Nat (Nathaniel), who is in his last days in a residential hospice in Arizona. His family had hoped to keep him at home, but his condition (somewhat agitated) required extra care and the very recent move to the residential facility. The family is with him a lot, the care is good, and he is doing as well as one can during this last, major transition. He has had a long and rich life as a husband, father, and metallurgic engineer. As a person on wheels, he has shown that walking with legs is not a requirement for a gifted, productive, and loving existence.

A 6 p.m. update:

-Dear sweet Grendel has gone over the rainbow bridge. We pray for him, in thanksgiving, and for all his friends who grieve, especially Aghaveagh and Da (Liam). FranIAm has a full update with a heart-rending note from Grendel, via one of his humans.

-I forgot to mention that we at Acts of Hope are sending healing prayers to our dear canine bishop +Rowan, companion of the thoughtful Lindy. A big nasty dog attacked him. Update also at FranIam in the same post as the Grendel update.

Peace to all from +Maya Pavlova, feline bishop, and her faithful human, Jane

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