Thursday, October 2, 2008

JaninSanFran's take

Jan's immediate reaction, re: one of the major aspects of the debate, Governor Palin's tactic of not answering questions and returning to her points.

Jan's previous post, pre-debate, on this VP debate and VP debates in general.


Algernon said...

Fair to a fault, it must be said that Democrats and Republicans both practice the skill of steering from a question into what it is you are prepared to talk about. Heck, we practiced that skill in parliamentary debate (although in the latter, it is bad form, you learn where the line is and play right on it).

So I can't fault the Republicans for doing it as if Democrats don't, and as if Biden didn't do some of that tonight.

It's expected of the professional politicians, and both of these people are that.

Kitten said...

So I wasn't the only one imploring Gov. Palin to say, "Answer the ******* question!"

By the way, I fell asleep during the debate, I'm embarrassed to say. And I didn't even get to have my beer!