Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's here!

Thanks to a staff person who will remain nameless, a copy of the brand spankin' new edition of the paperback of When in Doubt, Sing made its way by overnight UPS to the door of my house, where I went and fetched it after lunch and between worky engagements. Good thing I live near my place of employ. The book is beautiful and I love holding it in my hot little hands.

I presented it to Miss Maya Pavlova as soon as I took it out of the wrapping and placed it on the floor. She showed no interest because she was showing me her belly, which she does whenever I walk in the door. (Drop to floor, roll on back, show off fuzzy tummy, roll around on back for a while.) Then she came up to it and sniffed it (it smells brand new and definitely not like cat food), placed two paws on it in blessing, and returned to her feline pursuits.

I took a couple of photos of her with the book later on but she was really not interested in posing, because she was washing her paws, and in the land of cats, this takes precedence over literature. Cats already have great literature in their heads.

But I think Her Grace, the Feline Bishop Extraordinaire, will allow herself to be photographed again with a different attitude toward the book. Give her a little time. For now, I am back at the office after a Division Meeting (that's the Humanities Division, of which the Religious Studies Department is a member) at which we discussed the current humongous budget cuts at the college. Not cheery. I am teaching tonight, but not till 8 p.m., so it's possible I will go home for a bit of chicken soup (a new batch). +Maya Pavlova will be interested in that.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Woo hoo!!! I can't wait to get it, Jane! Main Street Books should be calling me shortly...will you autograph my copy?


Fran said...

Whooo hoooo is right!!!

xoxxoxoxox How GREAT!

I can imagine holding one in my own hands!

pj said...


When will this edition be available for us peasants?


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

I preordered my earlier this month, so I'll get it whenever Amazon deigns to ship it to me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hee hee!!! Congrats!!!!

Add my paws to Maya's in blessing!

And when I get it, I'm definitely sending it to you to sign it!

Jane R said...

Eileen, maybe I should just come and give a talk in Jersey sometime! Like that we can have drinks AND I can sign the book -- oh,and facilitate a retreat so we can pray, too. :-)

Jane R said...

PJ, the book's official pub. date is November, 1, so this weekend. I expect you can find it in stores as early as next week. If it is not at your local bookstore, go there (or call) and politely demand that they order a bunch. Bookstores have a "Books in Print" database handy (it used to be a big fat book published every year, now it's electronic) and they can order anything for you. You can just give them the title and the name of the author, but here is the ISBN number if they want it: 9781933495163.

Thanks, all, for celebrating with me. I gots to teach African feminist theologies now. (Feminist Theologies class, topic for the evening.)

Unknown said...

A woof and a wag!

Kitten said...

Yay Jane!!! I'm going to see if I can order it from our new local bookstore. Granted, it's a used bookstore, but I hope that they can make an exception!!

P.S. Do you suppose +Maya may make an appearance on

James Joiner said...

Look at that beautiful cover! So fancy!

Ken said...

I got one of the early ones way long ago. Still got it. Unless you've made major changes to the body of the book, a new intro to the author is nice but not critical. After all, we've been corresponding for ten years and I pretty well know how you think. I've watched the evolution, after all.

It is a great thing: a book being resurrected from the dead is second only to a human being. Books are organic, after all.

To make sure it stays in print this time you must negotiate movie rights. I'm not going to suggest a cast--you can do that, so long as two of the males are Daniel Day-Lewis and Jeremy Irons. You can fill in the women for yourself.

Revel, Jane. Self-promotion is required. It's not self-referential and it's certainly not "silly." You've worked hard enough for success, and don't we both know it.

Jane R said...

Denzel Washington, Ken. :-)

I think you may enjoy the new intro... or at least relate to it. Did I send it to you off-blog? I can if you want.

Magdalene6127 said...

Blessings abundant! So, so happy for this day.

(And YES. We can.)

Caminante said...

¡Felicitaciones! I will look forward also to having this book in my paws... post move, I think. The feline four here send their purrs of congrats.

Jane R said...

Thanks, Caminante. Review copies are going out next week, I believe. (Yes, to new address.) You won't have to deal with the evil Amazon. Many thanks to the feline four of the Green Mountain State for their good wishes.

Ken said...

No, J, you did not send me the intro off-blog. Send away.

Denzel, huh? Not bad. Better choice than Ving Rhames as I saw him in Pulp Fiction:-).