Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daily comic relief: Chocolate News on the first Black president

You may have to bear with a short commercial first (sometimes it comes on before the comedy segment, sometimes not) but it's worth it.

What? You don't watch Chocolate News? Another Comedy Central winner. With David Alan Grier.

So think about it: America's first Black president?

Warning: Irreverent, with strong language.

14 days.

Brought to you by your daily ¡Sí, se puede!

Activated till the polls close on November 4.


June Butler said...

Jane, that was hilarious. I've often thought and even wanted to say it, "Just vote for the white half."

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's about time someone gave David Alan Grier a TV show that lets him do this kind of stuff. The man is hysterical.

Fran said...

That is too damn funny- I am laughing my head off.

Paul said...

What a hoot! Thank you, Jane.

Kitten said...

I was up late either Saturday or Sunday night (can't remember which) and saw the full episode. You MUST watch it if you can. It's hysterical!

pj said...

Ack, Jane, I tried so hard to watch this but my computer doesn't like Comedy Central's video player. I'll have to try to catch the show for real. I love DAG. :)

Jane R said...

What, you got a Mac or something?

{running and ducking}