Monday, October 27, 2008

On for Election Day

My local Obama organizer, a smart and polite young man, called me and signed me up for a volunteer shift on Election Day. I am headed for the American Academy of Religion (AAR) Annual Meeting later this week, but will be back, Godde willing, on Monday night. I don't teach till late afternoon on Tuesday, so I am canceling my early afternoons office hours (the other office hours are after class that day, so the little darlings will still have access to me) and devoting my morning plus a few additional hours to helping get out the vote.

For the rallying cry from Louisiana, see here, and don't miss the link to the Zydeco video.

8 days.

Brought to you by your daily ¡Sí, se puede!

Activated till the polls close on November 4.

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Algernon said...

What will you be doing? Poll-watching? Vote out-gettin'? Or demonstratin'?