Friday, October 10, 2008

Palin's radical right-wing mentors

Well! This is an interesting piece of investigative reporting.

Sarah Palin's radical right-wing mentors. Tip of the fedora to Salon.


Algernon said...

And by you know the results of Alaska's "troopergate" investigation finding abuse of her state powers in pursuing a personal vendetta on government time.

For which she is going to blame Obama.

Ken said...

Ah, the Divine Sarah. The MILF extraordinaire. Not. I read the Salon stuff. Also...there is a remarkable piece in Rolling Stone outlining the history of McCain himself. If Sarah doesn't scare the shit out of you, McCain should. A vile-tempered moron who at one time could outdrink Dubya, and who had as grandfather and father the real deals, two 4-star wartime Admirals, this jerk was legacied into Annapolis, graduated 894 out of 899, could not fly but did, got five of his men killed after which he went on R&R, and blundered his way into a VC prison, where he talked. Most fun: he got a marriage license to marry his second wife while he was still married to the first.

No, he's not a continuation of Bush. He'd be worse.

Here is the McCain saga:

Be very afraid.