Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yet another JohnieB update

Various blogger buddies have asked how JohnieB was. Being in possession of his new phone number, I called him, since he is not yet back on the intertubes. You may recall that 1) he moved; 2) his computer went kerflooey; and 3) Miz Scarlett, the cat, was having some issue.

In brief:

JohnieB bought a laptop this a.m.

He has made lamb stew and has had some wine.

He spent three hours on the phone to AT&T today and tomorrow will have visits from the phone people and the cable people. Sounds like my saga with setting up the electronics after my recent move. There are wiring problems with both his phone and his internet.

JohnieB has bought himself some "middle-class furniture" and a rug.

Miz Scarlett is doing better. Her appetite is returning. She is no longer leaving traces of her displeasure in places where she should not. No visit to the kitty psychiatrist was necessary, except, says JohnieB, for the one Scarlett has at home, namely, JohnieB.

Over and out.


susan s. said...


June Butler said...

Good news. Getting set up can be a bitch. I hope it's OK to say that here.

Jane R said...

Getting set up is a BITCH. I can vouch for that. It's even okay to say it in upper case here.

susan s. said...

I hope I never have to set one up. I had a friend who did his Christian duty and helped me with mine! I gave him money too, but mostly it was his duty that made him do it!

johnieb said...

And many thanks to the wonderful Jane R. for keeping y'all informed enough to still be wondering what ever to whas his name.