Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day late but not too late: No on 8

P.S. Missed the blogswarm yesterday, since it was my 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. work day, but dear Californians, please vote no on 8. Let people love each other, for goodness' sake.

And preserve their human and civil rights.

Here's a link to Fran's post and another to Paul's.

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RENZ said...

Jane, I don't recall I connect with your blog, but it must have originated at some point from MadPriest and OCICBW... I am a Deacon in the Diocese of Northern Michigan but born in raised in the Chicagoland area. I would recommend the following:

(1) church at All Saints on the North Side (probably about a $10 cab ride from Michigan Ave area (tell the cabbie you want to go to Hermitage and Wilson). Bonnie Perry is the BEST! Check out their web page for info.

(2) My favorite place to eat before I moved was Le Bouchon, a small French Bistro, awesome food, tell the cabbie you want to go to Damen and Armitage (but double check that it still exits).

(3) Food Life in Watertower Place is lots of fun - you get a "credit card" and pull your meal from a variety of "stands" and then give the card at the end to pay for your meal.

(4) If you want to stay in the Michigan Ave. Loop area - Italian Village is good, or you could head west on Madison? or Monroe? to 1000 West I believe and eat at Wishbone - awesome southern influenced cooking.

(5) High tea at the Hotel Intercontinental is also very fun.

(6) There's a Chinese Restaurant next to the Holiday Inn that's pretty good - don't remember the name.

Have a blast!