Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Steal back your vote!

Read this piece by Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. here.

See also here. (You can dowload the comic book there, too.)


Magdalene6127 said...

Jane, I sent an email to your Miss Maya Pavolova address, but since I've not heard back, I'm wondering if it got spammed. I'm at magdalene6127 at yahoo dot com.

Algernon said...

Aha, saw the documentary. And I happen to be reading Palast's "Armed Madhouse" right now.

Have been trying to volunteer to help on election day - willing to be serve as a pollworker, or to be a PFAW vote-encourager, especially since New Mexico has some painful history with voter intimidation.

Jane R said...

Mags, I've now gotten the letter and written you back. :-)

Algernon, I was going to volunteer as a poll-watcher, but here the bigger issue may be getting people to the polls, so I think I am going to volunteer to drive people. Public transpo here stinks (when it exists) and there are poor and elder and young people who may have difficulty getting to their voting place. Will keep you posted.