Friday, October 10, 2008

+Maya updates you

Dear creatures of our beloved Creator,

My beautiful soft grey self (I speak in all modesty and humility) is seated at the laptop and I want to take this opportunity to update you on the condition of my Canon to the Extraordinary. As you know, she has been laboring mightily the last few days. It's a good thing that she took Monday off to nip that lung thing in the bud. Better for me, too. There was chicken soup for three days in this house.

The Canon to the Extraordinary has had a good night's sleep and spent some extra time with me today. This makes me happy. She also says she will be home a lot this coming week because of something called "fall break." She is cheery because of something called Good Publicity For The Book. You'd think this would make her write you this evening to tell you all these nice things, but she is mumbling something about "apples" and "fillo dough." I assume this means she will write you a recipe, but I can't make promises on her behalf. Also, I don't eat apples.

With purring pastoral concern,

+Maya Pavlova, FBE


pj said...

Thank you for the update, +Maya. We lay folk look forward to hearing more about the apple and fillo dough situation.

(Not to be self-referential myself, but isn't it "phyllo" dough?)

Jane R said...

I used to spell it "phyllo" and then saw TCR spell it "fillo" and looked at my box of it in the freezer, and it said "fillo" too. Go figure. Maybe it's the Simplification of English at work. Or maybe +Maya doesn't like foreign spelling - which is odd since she speaks multiple languages.

Fran said...

I do not care how you spell it, but that "dough" and apples can only mean good things!!!

It is a delight to hear from +Maya. It would appear that MP has named our Gracie a bishop too, which ought to really tick off all the Catholic bishops. We are hopeful that +Maya, +Clumber and others will be in community with us.

Send Jane our love1

Kitten said...

Dearest Maya, we here at "The Bookkitten" (Kitten and her kittens, that is), are delighted to hear from you. We hope all is well with you.

As for the "apples" and "fillo dough", Maya, we assume that the Canon to the Extrordinary is making a dessert that is called "streusel." It is of German origin, and Kitten used to hear stories of her German great-grandmother stretching out homemade fillo dough in preparation for making this decadence. It is mighty tasty for the two-leggers, but for us four-leggers, give us some meat!

Oh, and Kitten is making chicken soup today. She, too, has a cold.

Love and purrs to all,
Maggie and Gabby (via Kitten)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kitten, We hope you feel better soon and meanwhile, we send you chicken soup vibrations. Jane went over to your blog (I think it was last night) and left some greetings to you and Maggie and Gabby.