Sunday, October 5, 2008

Resting up at Acts of Hope

We took part in the Blessing of the Animals at St. Mary's House this morning, and a fine one it was, with a splendid sermon by two-legged Kevin. Kevin's four-legged companion Andy was also there, full of fine doggie optimism.

We will write about all this in time. Right now, one of us (the two-legged one) has been dragging her posterior for a couple of days and feeling ill (started right after the Veep debate...) and is taking a sick day tomorrow, and the other (four legs and fur) is fast asleep after much running around inside the house and a brief, unplanned escapade outdoors.

The two-legged one has made and eaten quantities of chicken soup. The four-legged one would leave her no peace and eventually got a nice piece of chicken breast. Yes, she is spoiled, but she is a bishop and she is entitled.

More when we can. Peace out.

Photo: +Maya Pavlova in her new digs, a week or two ago. She is on an improvised soft perch balanced on the top of the back of the living-room sofa in front of the window. Improvised curtain is behind her, made of Indian fabric with elephant pattern. What you can't see: stacks of boxes and mess. Better tonight after another few hours of straightening and unpacking. Right -- we're still not fully settled in.

Below: Button that arrived in the mail Friday. Buy 'em here.

30 days.

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