Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shameless self-promotion and some spiritual nourishment

Remember the book? It's coming out soon. We are just finishing page proofs and the book is going to press.

Here's the scoop in brief:

When in Doubt, Sing: Prayer in Daily Life

Original hardback edition: 1999 (HarperCollins, out of print)

New paperback edition (Sorin Books, an imprint of Ave Maria Press):

Coming out in early November 2008, with New Preface by the Author (that would be me, Jane Redmont) !

1. Need some spiritual nourishment? Give the book a try. People have found it helpful in their life of prayer and faith and practice.

2. Great Christmas present. Beautiful cover. Nice for your grandmother, your nephew in college, your rector, your beloved. Won't work for animals, though they do sleep on it very nicely.

3. Yes, I give talks, retreats, quiet days a.k.a. days of recollection, workshops, and related sermons and homilies. Write me at widsauthor at earthlink dot net if you are interested in booking an appearance (geez, that sounds like an apparition; it is not, I am all too human). If your congregation or group can't afford a speaker, think "coalition funding" and make it an ecumenical or regional event. More on paid and unpaid speaking engagements here.
4. Do you a) live in the Chicago area or b) attend the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), which is in Chicago this year? The publisher is throwing me a little party at the upcoming AAR meeting. Write me off-blog (missmayapavlova at gmail dot com or at the above earthlink address) and I can probably get you on the invitation list. The party is about four weeks from now. There will be copies of the book for sale and yes, I will sign your copy and write nice things on it.

5. Here are contact persons for p.r. and bookstore appearances:

For interviews, excerpts, review copies and images, contact:

Amanda Williams
Ave Maria Press
P.O. Box 428
Notre Dame, IN 46556-0428
800-282-1865 x206
Awilli21 at nd dot edu

To arrange bookstore events and request in-store promotional materials, contact:

Julie Cinninger
Trade Sales Coordinator
Ave Maria Press
P.O. Box 428
Notre Dame, IN 46556-0428
800-282-1865 x205
jcinning at nd dot edu

Here endeth the p.r. Thanks be to Godde.

Prayers and sneak previews coming over the next few weeks. Keep checking in here.


Caminante said...

If you have reviewer's copies, you could send it to me and I could either review it or get someone to review it for our diocesan newspaper (a grand circulation of something like 7000 but our cathedral has a spirituality group). Write me chez moi.

Jane R said...

Will do, thanks. There are review copies, I'll have Amanda send you one. Will write you off-blog.

Paul said...

Hooray and hallelujah! How you managed to pull this off with all the other things going on in your busy life is beyond me.

I have just begun, once more, to work on revising my novel so I can get off my butt and submit it.

So happy for you!

Jane R said...

It's not as if I had to write a whole new book! That's the fun of it. It did involve work (new preface, which as you recall was not too easy to write, and then lots and lots of proofreading) but nothing like the original effort.

I am delighted to hear you are working on the novel. Looking forward to reading it! And Her Grace will sit on it and purr, so any time you want to send pieces of manuscript, she will bless them with a nap and I will read them. Such a deal. We send you many literary purrs.

P.S. I miss writing. Not a word, except for blogging and bureaucracy, since the tree fell. Mercifully we have fall break next week and I intend to go into literary hiding. Hooray! Yeah, that's my idea of a good time.

it's margaret said...

Congratulations Jane!!

pj said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Yet another book for my "yeah, well, this writer is a friend of mine" collection. (Grin.)

Ken said...

Gee, using your whole name? I thought you were doing a self-imposed anonymous program:-).

Jane R said...

Nah, my last name has always been on my blog (bottom right, all the way down the column), since the first day...

lauraj said...

Yea, Jane! I want a copy. Personally signed, of course. And I think you'll need to come to Holy Ground to do something, eh?

Fran said...

This is GREAT news!!!

Magdalene6127 said...

This is so awesome Jane. I wonder if you could ever come to my neck of the woods...?

Jane R said...

lj, of course, I would love to! And ditto Mags: you pay, I fly. Or someone pays, I fly. Or drive, or take the train. (Or maybe, if the economic crisis gets even worse, it'll be honorarium plus Greyhound ticket ;-).)

Sounds like the Presbyterian feminist circuit to me!

Seriously, write me off-blog. We'll have cawfee, we'll tawk.

Shannon said...

I can vouch for how terrific your book is. Can't wait for the new edition. I'm going to recommend it to the pastoral leadership group I'm involved with this year.

Jane R said...

Shannon, except for this past summer, I've managed to get to the PNW every summer since I moved East. (I have close friends in Portland.) I will be on the West Coast at some point in the late spring so maybe I can come North up your way. Let's talk. Even if I don't come, I'd be honored for your pastoral leadership group to read the book, and I hope it is helpful. Also, you mentioned that some of the guys at the prison had had a look at it - and/or that it disappears from your resource shelf. I would be happy to donate a couple of copies to the prison spiritual readings library. Let me know if you would like that. I can inscribe the book for the guys, too, to let them know that I am thinking of them and that we on the outside do not forget them.